Cheyenne & Maciej at Creekside Austin

Austin Weddings | Photos by Martina

Cheyenne & Maciej (his friends call him, “Magic”) met in Afghanistan, both serving their countries in the military. Magic is from Poland and Cheyenne is from California. It seems fate brought these two together. Both are from other parts of the world, and just happened to room in the same building together. They would see each other in passing, but finally got the chance to meet at a work event. They had immediate chemistry and quickly became friends, and then something more. Cheyenne went on leave and Magic came to visit her. They went on a trip to Costa Rica and he proposed to her at the beach, during sunset. 

Got married at the Creekside Austin in Dripping Springs on November 10th. They had a beautiful Indian wedding, mixed with old and new traditions. They dressed in traditional Indian attire. Cheyenne wore an antique Indian necklace, nose ring and set of bangles that belong to her mother. Their friends even did a Bollywood dance for them during the reception. They also had the traditional cake cutting and first dance. My favorite part of the evening (maybe because I'm 8 months pregnant) was the Indian food they served for was so delicious! Here are some of my favorites from their wedding.