An Engagement Story: Gisselle & Armando

Engagement photos at Mayfield Park in Austin

I am so excited to share these photos with you! I had the opportunity to meet Gisselle & Armando last week and learn more about their love story. We went on a nature walk at Mayfield Park and then they had a picnic. Afterwards, we hiked up Mt. Bonnell to watch the beautiful sunset. It was so fun hanging out and capturing these special moments with them. 

Gisselle & Armando’s story began 4 years ago, while they were both working at Target together. They became best friends almost immediately and then started dating. After being together for a while, Armando decided to propose! Not only is Gisselle marrying the love of her life, she’s becoming a mom to Armando’s 9 year old son. They make such an adorable family!