Sarah & Daniel in Fredericksburg

Sarah and Daniel's story began in 2013, when they both worked at Fry's. He sold computer components and Sarah put them together as custom-built computers. The two started out as friends and began riding motorcycles together. Daniel always liked Sarah, but was too shy and polite to say anything. Sarah soon realized how she felt about him. One night, she invited Daniel over to watch a movie and he put his arm around her. And the rest is history!

They had a beautiful wedding at Sarah's parent's land in Fredericksburg on April 7th. They were married in a quiet, enchanted forest down the road from her parents home. Major props to Sarah for looking gorgeous and still smiling in 50 degree weather...brr! The natural elements, wood, foliage and forest look and feel carried over to their reception. Sarah & Daniel's wedding had all the personal touches that made it unique and personal to them. Their rings were handmade by Daniel. They worked together to make most of the decor as well. Here are some of my favorite photos from their special day!