A Proposal Story: Dante & Angie

Engagement photos at the 360 Bridge in Austin

Dante and Angie have a cute love story! They meet about 5 years ago, at work. Dante meet Angie through a co-worker, when they were looking for new employees. A friend referred Angie, and she got an interview with Dante for the job. He was very impressed with her and she was hired for a position at their company. While they were working together, Dante soon developed a crush on her. The stars aligned and after some time, they began dating. 

Dante planned the sweetest proposal for his love, Angie. He got down on one knee and surprised her with with a diamond and ruby ring, on top of The 360 Bridge in Austin. She was so surprised, happy and filled with emotion. Dante was so excited too! He had been planning to propose to her for several weeks. He asked for her parent's blessing before hand, and had her best friend help him pick out the ring. All her family and friends help make it happen! Here are some of my favorites :)