Michael & Jessica at Mercury Hall

Austin Wedding Photography | Photos by Martina

Micheal and Jessica's story began when they first met at the East Side Cafe. Michael remembers seeing Jessica and was immediately taken by her beauty. It was a chance encounter, and both had been previously married before. However, they were hopeful they would find love again...and they did! Micheal proposed to Jessica during Christmas time at the same place they first met. It was so sweet!

Their wedding was celebration of love and family. Between the two of them, they now have three kids together. They had a gorgeous brunch wedding on a Sunday morning at Mercury Hall. Their guests enjoyed danishes, eggs with all the fixings, fruity flapjacks and more. At the bar, you could find coffee, tea & delicious mimosas to drink. They had yard games for the kids, sugar cookies & a cake decorated with flower petals. After some dancing, toasts and a round of the "shoe" game, we wished them well with a bubble exit. Special thanks to: Belle Vie Event, My Sweet Austin, Austin Catering, and TPEG - The Premier Entertainment Group.

Vivian & Brian at Trudy's Four Star

Vivian & Brian have a beautiful love story. They meet each other in band at the Civic Ensemble, both play the french horn. They would say it was love at first sight. Brian invited Vivian out to the Poor House to have beers after practice one day. They hit it off and made an instant connection. It didn’t take long before they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Brian decided to propose and surprised her in front of their friends and family with a beautiful ring.

Their wedding was truly a celebration of their newly formed family. This is their second chance at love and now have five children between them. They got married at Trudy’s Four Star on the rooftop with a beautiful sunset backdrop. They had a short and sweet wedding, followed by dinner and a night of karaoke singing. It was pretty unique and all their guests had a blast!


Thank you for letting me capture your special day!

A Wedding Story: Lindsey & Danny

UMLAUF Sculpture Gardens Wedding Photography 

Lindsey and Danny have a beautiful love story. They bonded over their passion of the outdoors, going on adventures and traveling together. They are both laid-back, friendly, warm and gracious people. They are similar by nature. It might sound cliché, but I think they really are perfect for each other. :)

They got married at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens in Austin, Texas on, Nov 12th (my birthday). It was a beautiful ceremony, in such a beautiful and mysterious garden. They had a colorful display of food and fruit, and a smoore bar! They displayed some disposable cameras, so their guests could take pictures too. Lindsey & Danny were surrounded by so much love that night, from their family and friends. This family had the best speeches, prepared with witty stories about the couple and their lives. It was a happy celebration and union of two amazing families. I am so happy for you both, congratulations!