A Wedding Story: Lindsey & Danny

UMLAUF Sculpture Gardens Wedding Photography 

Lindsey and Danny have a beautiful love story. They bonded over their passion of the outdoors, going on adventures and traveling together. They are both laid-back, friendly, warm and gracious people. They are similar by nature. It might sound cliché, but I think they really are perfect for each other. :)

They got married at the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens in Austin, Texas on, Nov 12th (my birthday). It was a beautiful ceremony, in such a beautiful and mysterious garden. They had a colorful display of food and fruit, and a smoore bar! They displayed some disposable cameras, so their guests could take pictures too. Lindsey & Danny were surrounded by so much love that night, from their family and friends. This family had the best speeches, prepared with witty stories about the couple and their lives. It was a happy celebration and union of two amazing families. I am so happy for you both, congratulations!